Available Tools

At the Hardway Workshop we have a wide array of tools for the knife maker as well as anyone with metal or woodworking needs. We take tools maintenance and safety seriously and are continually working to upgrade and widen the range of tools available.


Metal working

The shop currently has three 2’ x 72’ grinders. One 3 speed KMG by Beaumont metal works and two Pheer grinders with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s). We also have 2 metal cutting bandsaws, 14” chop saw, disc grinders and buffers.



The shop is complete with a NC Tool Whisper Momma forge and two anvils as well as an assortment of hammers, tongs and various tooling



On the woodworking side we have a full line of Grizzly tools including full size table saw, 14” bandsaw, 10” sliding miter saw, 13” thickness planer, joiner, compressor, and other assorted hand tools