How do I get involved?

Please contact us to get involved, we can work with you on setting up a subscription package that’s right for you. Rates are not only affordable but flexible. Want to contribute? In the spirit of community, we welcome all input.


Can kids work in the shop?

Kids under 18 can be in the shop when accompanied by a parent or authorized adult but are not allowed to use some of the more dangerous tools.


What about security, can I leave my stuff?

The shop will be equipped with storage for monthly commitment members and the building and shop space are locked with access codes. Our rotating staff will be onsite daily keeping a lookout. We will try our best, but ultimately Hardway is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Can I get help and advice with my project?

While there will be multiple knife makers and other craftsman on site, these people are there to run their businesses and do their own work. It never hurts to ask for advice but please be aware there are classes and workshops offered to teach techniques. Private lesson rates are available and different levels of access to the staff for help are included in the membership options.